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May 7th, 2011

lynxycrowy @ 08:26 am: Glee- Quinn/Santana- 'Till it Tastes Like Blood
Medium: Television

Fandom: Glee

Subject: Quinn/Santana

Title: ‘Till it Tastes Like Blood

Warnings: Lots of angst, and maybe some swearing?

Notes: I've been wanting to make a mix for my favorite crack!ship for months, and it finally happened today. This is mostly angst about their struggle to outdo each other all the time. Hopefully, it makes sense despite the scant amount of sleep I’m running on today. Also, I hate using multiple songs by the same artist in one mix, but I did here. Twice.


I. are you hurting the one you love? || florence + the machine

are you hurting the one you love?
you say you've found heaven but you can't find god
are you hurting the one you love?
bite your tongue ‘till it tastes like blood

~ * ~

II. i gave you all || mumford & sons

and you rip it from my hands
and you swear it's all gone
and you rip out all i have
just to say that you've won

~ * ~

III. fighting for nothing || meg & dia

i’ve got my mouth.
it’s a weapon
it’s a bombshell
it’s a cannon
i’ve got my words.
i won’t give them mercy
i’ve got my words
i hope they hurt you.
i hope they scar you
i hope they heal you

~ * ~

IV. blow away || a fine frenzy

one of us is now retreating
you knocked me down so hard i'm seeing a thousand stars
come out where you are
'cause i won't ever be caught crying
and i will not be taken lying down

~ * ~

V. prefers unhappy endings || say hi to your mom

oh, and it's not for certain but
i'm pretty sure it won't work out then
there's only room for one of us in the town
but we can't go back to the way it was
so one of us is gonna have to go down

~ * ~

VI. moth’s wings || passion pit

you come beating like moth's wings
spastic and violently
whipping me into a storm
shaking me down to the core

~ * ~

VII. kiss with a fist || florence + the machine

a kick in the teeth is good for some
a kiss with a fist is better than none

~ * ~

VIII. foolish games || jewel

all these foolish games are tearing me apart
and your thoughtless words are breaking my heart
you’re breaking my heart

~ * ~

IX. elements || a fine frenzy

oh the elements i do not fear but i fall apart when you appear
‘cause you are the greatest
the greatest disaster

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January 23rd, 2011

lynxycrowy @ 07:30 pm: NCIS - Ziva David/Eli David - Leave You In The Misery
Medium: TV

Fandom: NCIS

Subject: Ziva and Eli David

Title: Leave You In The Misery [EP]

Warnings: Maybe some mild language?

Notes: This is set post-Somalia, but before Enemies Foreign and Enemies Domestic. It’s basically just angst. About how Ziva and her father have a screwed up relationship.


01. jar of hearts || christina perri
and who do you think you are?
running 'round leaving scars
collecting your jar of hearts
and tearing love apart
you're gonna catch a cold
from the ice inside your soul
so don't come back for me
who do you think you are?

~ * ~

02. the pretender || foo fighters

what if i say i'm not like the others?
what if i say i'm not just another one of your plays?
you're the pretender
what if i say i will never surrender?

~ * ~

03. the silence || mayday parade
even though the world she loves
it won't ever be the way it was
and his heart of stone left hers breaking

~ * ~

04. the ice is getting thinner || death cab for cutie
the seasons have changed and so have we
there was little we could say and even less that we could do

~ * ~

05. had enough || breaking benjamin
you will get what you deserve
when all is said and done
i will be the one to leave you in the misery and hate what you've become

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lynxycrowy @ 07:27 pm: NCIS - Liat Tuvia - Breaking Down Your Paper Wall
Medium: TV

Fandom: NCIS

Subject: Liat Tuvia

Title: Breaking Down Your Paper Wall

Warnings: Do I have to put a warning for badass-ishness?

Notes: I liked Liat. And when I like characters, I make mixes. That’s all there is to it.

No promises that this is perfect. She was only on the show for two episodes, so I didn’t have a lot to work with.


I. not a virgin || poe (Liat is a BAMF. And she knows it.)
i've been open
and i've been closed like a book
and burned down like a written sin
so if you wanna play dirty
darling, i'm gonna win

~ * ~

II. help, i’m alive || metric (She’s being judged harshly because she’s replacing Ziva)
i tremble
they’re gonna eat me alive
if i stumble
they’re gonna eat me alive

~ * ~

III. backbone || there for tomorrow (Liat to Ziva)
where is your backbone?
'cause you're looking very flimsy
i'm breaking down your paper wall

~ * ~

IV. maneater || nelly furtado (General badass-ishness)
you either want to be with me, or be me

~ * ~

V. xxxo || m.i.a (Liat knows everyone expects her to be like Ziva. But she isn’t. And she hates pretending)
you want me to be
somebody who i’m really not

~ * ~

VI. the pretender || foo fighters (No one has control over Liat.)
what if i say i'm not like the others?
what if i say i'm not just another one of your plays?
you're the pretender
what if i say i will never surrender?

~ * ~

VII. rabbit heart (raise it up) || florence + the machine (She needs to be strong to fill in Ziva’s place the best she can)
i must become a lion-hearted girl
ready for a fight

~ * ~

VIII. control (apocalypse remix) || poe (More badass!Liat)
i am a queen, understand
and i've got your pawns and your bishops
and castles
all inside the palm of my hand

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December 28th, 2010

lynxycrowy @ 02:09 pm: NCIS- Kate/Ziva/Liat- I'd Build You An Empire
Medium: TV



I’d Build You An Empire

None, I believe

 I don't even know.  Honestly.  Just...don't ask, okay?  Just realize how hot these three would be together.  Because the world would explode from the intensity and the sexiness.  Admit it.

...I really need to get a life.

And, for the sake of this mix, just pretend that the word 'you' is plural.

I come to you in pieces...Collapse )

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October 28th, 2010

lynxycrowy @ 06:45 pm: NCIS- Kate/Ziva- When I Saw Your Face

Medium: TV

Fandom: NCIS

Subject: Kate Todd/Ziva David

Title: When I Saw Your Face

Warnings: Sexual references, and maybe some mild language.

Notes: So, I’ve made Kate/Ziva mixes before. But I never went on to say why I chose the songs I did. So my friend asked me to make a list of the top 20 Kate/Ziva songs in my iTunes library (Even if I’ve used them before. And I’ve used many of these) and make a mix, giving the reasons why I chose them. So, here it is. Have fun reading my drug-induced (I’m sick, okay?) rambly thoughts.

--- --- ---

I may not have the softest touch...Collapse )

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October 23rd, 2010

lynxycrowy @ 09:06 am: NCIS- Ziva David- Hitting Walls and Getting Scars

Medium: TV
Fandom: NCIS
Subject: Ziva David
Title: Hitting Walls and Getting Scars
Warnings: None, I believe
Notes: SO HAPPY WITH THIS COVER.  This may not be the most wonderful mix, though.  I'm on Strep Drugs and they're making me sort of crazy.
--- --- ---

i got a desert in my mouthCollapse )

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September 18th, 2010

lynxycrowy @ 09:55 am: The Book Thief- Liesel/Rudy- Are We Ashes? [EP]
Medium: Books
Fandom: The Book Thief
Subject: Liesel/Rudy
Title: Are We Ashes?
Warnings: None, I believe
Notes: So, I've had this mix saved on my computer for about three months now, and I finally got around to posting it.  I love this book, and I love these characters together (Though I don't mind Max/Liesel--I'm not picky), so why not make a mix?
--- --- ---
We walked along a crowded street...Collapse )

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September 9th, 2010

lynxycrowy @ 08:58 pm: NCIS- Kate Todd- An Hourglass
Medium: TV
Fandom: NCIS
Subject: Kate Todd
Title: An Hourglass
Warnings: Mild language
Notes: I've made Kate/Ziva mixes, and I'me made Ziva mixes, so why not a Kate mix? 
--- --- ---
'I resist the muses'Collapse )

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September 7th, 2010

lynxycrowy @ 07:30 pm: NCIS- Ziva David- We Are All Prisoners
Medium: TV
Fandom: NCIS
Subject: Ziva David
Title: We Are All Prisoners
Warnings: Mild language.  And I guess I should warn you that Ziva is awesome and will totally pwn you.
Notes: So...the fanmix gods have not been very helpful lately.  First, screwy hotel internet failed and I couldn't find the songs I needed.  Then, this morning, Photoshop messed up so I couldn't make a cover.  After that, MediaFire stopped working, so that's why I'm using MegaUpload for this. 

Anyway, I'm happy with this cover even though it may be a bit sloppy.  This is what happens when I procrastinate avoid my math homework screw around with Photoshop.  Oh well, it looks pretty good in my opinion.

Also, I hate using the same artist more than once in a mix.  But I did here.  Idina's songs fit too well!

I'll stop rambling now.  On to the mix!
--- --- ---

Trouble is her only friendCollapse )

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September 1st, 2010

lynxycrowy @ 08:10 pm: NCIS- Kate/Ziva- Hot as a Fever
Medium: TV
Fandom: NCIS
Subject: Kate/Ziva
Title: Hot as a Fever
Warnings: None
Notes: First off--I know that, while it's still Sasha Alexander, Maura Isles is on the cover instead of Kate Todd.  But whatever.  I like that picture of her.  So, now that that's overwith, I can get on to the rest of this.

I'm very proud of the mix, both because I like the song choices and because I really love the cover.  I think it's my best one yet (I'd hope so, since it took me almost an hour to make.  Ugh, that's such a long time for my ADD mind), and I'm very pleased with it.  Plus, this is the first time one of my back covers actually looks like I put some work into it! 

Umm, I think I used one of the songs on here in another Kate/Ziva mix.  Oops.  Oh well, it's a good song, so it deserves to be in more than one!

Anyway, I hope you all enjoy the mix!  Feel free to let me know if any of the links don't work.
--- --- ---
'Your body was the map'Collapse )

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