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Lynxycrowy's Fanmixes

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lynxycrowy @ 02:09 pm: NCIS- Kate/Ziva/Liat- I'd Build You An Empire
Medium: TV



I’d Build You An Empire

None, I believe

 I don't even know.  Honestly.  Just...don't ask, okay?  Just realize how hot these three would be together.  Because the world would explode from the intensity and the sexiness.  Admit it.

...I really need to get a life.

And, for the sake of this mix, just pretend that the word 'you' is plural.


I. HARDEST OF HEARTS || florence + the machine (General/All)
there is love in our bodies and it holds us together
but pulls us apart when we're holding each other
we all want something to hold in the night
we don't care if it hurts or we're holding too tight

II. SYNDICATE || the fray (Kate and Liat to Ziva)
the first thing that arises in your mind when you awake
is bending you 'til you break, let me hold you now

baby, close your eyes, don't open 'til the morning light
baby, don't forget, we haven't lost it all yet

III. WITH ME || sum 41 (Liat and Ziva to Kate)
through it all i've made my mistakes
i stumble and fall but i mean these words

i want you to know with everything i won't let this go
these words are my heart and soul
i'll hold on to this moment you know
as i bleed my heart out to show and i won't let go

IV. UNDER MY SKIN || rachael yamagata (General/All)
and i don't know what my intentions are
they're speaking in a different tongue
and deep inside, i'm not as tough as i seem
but i won't let you know

V. BASIC SPACE || the xx (Ziva and Liat to Kate)
i’ve suffered shipwrecks right from the start
i’ve been under water, breathing out and in
i think i’m losing where you end and i begin

VI. SWAY || the perishers (Ziva and Liat to Kate)
it was you who picked the pieces up
when i was a broken soul
and then glued me back together
returned to me what others stole

VII. HAZY || rosi golan (Ziva to Kate and Liat)
what if i fall and hurt myself?
would you know how to fix me?
what if i went and lost myself?
would you know where to find me?
i forgot who i am
would you please remind me
cause without you things go hazy

VIII. BROKEN DREAMS AND SECRETS || ohio avenue (Kate to Ziva and Liat)
you're holding onto pieces
broken dreams and secrets
a glimpse of what you needed
but you can't see that far
they're falling all around you
the roads that never found you
you cling to them but now you
can't feel your own heart
when your strength is gone
my love is holding on
my love is holding on

even when you can't hold on to me
i'll continue holding onto you

IX. SECRET CROWDS || angels & airwaves (Ziva to Kate and Liat)
if i had my own world
i'd love it for all that's inside it
there'd be no more wars, death, or riots
there'd be no more police, packed parking lots,
guns, bombs, sounding off

if i had my own world
i'd build you an empire
from here to the farlands
to spread love like violence

X. BE GENTLE WITH ME || boy least likely to (Ziva to Kate and Liat)
so just be gentle with me
i'm not as young as I was
and i'll be gentle with you
i'm not as brave as i thought
'cause my heart gets broken so easily
so just be gentle, be gentle with me

XI. MUST HAVE DONE SOMETHING RIGHT || relient k (General/All)
everyone watching us just turns away with disgust
this jealousy they can see that we've got it going on

and i'm wracking my brain for a new improved way
to let you know you're more to me than what i know how say
you're okay with the way this is going to be
'cause this is going to be the best thing we've ever seen

if anyone could make me a better person, you could
all i gotta say is i must have done something good
you came along one day and you re-arranged my life
all i gotta say is i must have done something right

XII. PIECES || red (Ziva to Kate and Liat)
you call my name
i come to you in pieces
so you can make me whole

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